Your project is my Inspiration

TS helps scientists and entrepreneurs gain the online visibility they deserve

I envision TS as a multifaceted company that can help you elevate your communication. Whether you need content, a visual identity, a website, a social media presence – I am here to help you constitute a harmonious and coherent whole!

My focus: provide my clients with impactful content, visuals and platform and empower them to reach their dream objectives, and make sure they gain the online presence they deserve!



Science. Communication. Inspiration.

The Three pillars of what I do!

Share Create Inspire with communication

I’ve always believed effective communication is the key to many challenges, and I want to empower others to realize its potential and create value through clear and consise communication.

I am based in Auckland, New Zealand and work globally using modern ways of communication

Meet my two sides

I am Tiffany Siegel, dedicated to science and fueled by creative and artistic inspiration. With 15+ years of scientific background, I have now decided it’s time to embrace both my scientist and creative / artistic sides – hence the creation of TS

At the frontier of science and creativity, my goal is to empower my clients to successfully bring their projects to light.

Are you an entrepreneur? A scientist? An artist? I am inspired to help you elevate your communication to new heights! Whether you need document writing and/or editing to convey your message, or impactful branding communication material to showcase your research or give your startup the memorable online presence it deserves – you are at the right place!

Tiffany Siegel, PhD

The Scientist in charge of your structured and impactful content

caTam.essence TM

The Artist and creative mind in charge of your website and compelling visuals

My expertise to your success

Years of experience in (scientific)writing and editing
Peer-reviewed publications
International conferences
Book edited
On-going website creation projects
Projects completed in 2024

Services at a glance

With 15+ years of strong background in scientific writing, I help you enhance the structure and quality of your content. May you need edition and reviewing of scientific documents, or content to include in your communication strategy, I am here to help! 
In addition, I have an 
eye for details and a dedicated creative mindset  to support you create compelling visual branding material to strenghten your online visibility.

Content writing and editing, scientific documentation

Define your brand’s identity, logo, color scheme, elements

Gain visibility on social media platform with coherent strategy

Give your business the 24/7 online presence it deserves

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What you get working with me

As Content Editor and Visual Communication specialist, I provide high quality content , grasp the identity of your brand and convert it into a compelling visual identity. I also implement your visual identity into a user-friendy and secured website, and extend to your social media presence.

Scientific Expertise

My scientific expertise enables clear and compelling communication of complex concepts

Writing Skills

I have an eye for detail and can enhance your document by improving the style and structure

Collaborative Approach

You and I are a team and we work together to bring your ideas to light! You can expect an open and transparent communication

Tailored Solutions

Your project is unique and I make sure my services are tailored to your needs to reach your goals

Artistic Vision

With a unique capability on bridging science and creativity to deliver visually captivating message

Impactful Results

Deliver communication materials that leave a lasting impression

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