Salut! Hey! Kia Ora!

I am Tiffany Siegel and I was born in the French Alps in Annecy, Haute-Savoie. This most likely explains my affinity to mountains – as this website shows. This is a wonderful place where I like to rest and recharge my batteries, hike, spend time with my family and friends while enjoying French cuisine and wine. 

Since mid-2023, I live in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Meet my two sides

Content Editor, Senior Scientist and Researcher

Dr Tiffany Siegel


PhD in Parmaceutical sciences (2013)


Clinical and pre-clinical, Pharma, Drug Metabolism, Toxicology, Environment

Analytical and Bioanal. Chemistry; Mass spectrometry: imaging, instrument development, broad range of applications

  • Academic career: PhD, Postdoc, Assistant Professor (2008 – 2016)
  • Pharmaceutical industry (since 2021)
  • Senior Researcher @ Ruminant Biotech Ltd (2023 – to date) (part-time)

Writing, Editing, Word, PowerPoint, Illustrator, Affinity Design

Creative Mind, Artist

caTam.essence TM


 I’ve always be passionnate about visual art, starting with photography and tried to integrate in my daily work already in early days. caTam.essence is the name I use to sell my watercolor art.


Affinity Design, Canva, Power Point
Watercolor, Mixed Media, photography

  • Creative and Innovative Mindset
  • Excellent communication
  • “Socially intelligent”
  • Networking
  • A feel for empowerment: we work together!


Choices that laid the ground for my scientific career

Although I was always curious about the world surrounding me, my love for science really started towards the end of high school. At that time, I still had the wish to become a schoolteacher and “only” needed to get a Bachelor’s degree. At first, I really wanted to study English – however, I realized I did not have much affinity to deepen my knowledge of English literature nor start a business-oriented career (ironically) – the paths that it was possible to follow at that time. Therefore, my choice leaned towards studying biology.
Three years later I fell in love with environmental sciences and particularly the field of analytical chemistry – which I ultimately see as a mean of studying the living and environment surrounding us. I therefore moved to Lyon for my Master’s study and eventually I found my way to mass spectrometry.
After a PhD (Geneva, Switzerland), Postdoc (Amsterdam, Netherlands), a Tenured Assistant Professor position (Maastricht, Netherlands), a Senior Scientist position (Biberach, Germany), I am now a part-time Senior Researcher (Auckland, New Zealand) and registered as a freelance as Content Editior and Visual Communication Specialist.

As I am always triggered by science and believe it can solve many current issues of our modern world, I have decided for now to keep my science job part-time and stay involved in the scientific community to serve my clients the best. This way, this gives me the opportunity to help other scientists and entrepreneurs elevate their communication and gain online visibility they deserve to reach their dream objectives!
Like I do!


Did you know that I am watercolor artist?

I’ve always be passionnate about visual art, starting with photography and tried to integrate in my daily work already in early days. Since I discovered watercolor painting, I have embrassed it not only as my favorite hobby, but as way of living. I breathe and dream watercolor!

My creativty is at your service. I am looking forward to working with you and help you grow your visibility through meaningful designs!

Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to commission or integrate my art into your visual identity and designs!


Share Create Inspire

Instead of asking myself whether I want to be a scientist or an artist, I came to the point where I wondered: why limit myself to one field? What I want to do is create, share, and inspire. When I reflect on my journey so far and my career choices, I have indeed changed “directions” several times, but today I know that each of my choices has been guided by a coherent purpose of creating, sharing, and inspiring. Even though I have followed a predominantly scientific path, I have always added an artistic touch to what I do and brought my human touch to it.
Eventually, I found there are several ways to

  • Create – write a scientific article or a report on one’s latest results, create a poster for a conference, organize an international virtual event, or even paint a dinosaur that will light up your nephew’s eyes; 
  • Share – communication is key in all fields. A scientist should convey their knowledge and educate. Art has the power to dazzle, touch, and inspire. 
  • Inspire? I love connecting people, initiating exchange platforms, whether it’s by editing a book, organizing a discussion group, or proposing creative challenges through my Instagram account, caTam.essence.

Let’s connect

So welcome to my world where we push the boundaries of creativity and science! I look forward to connecting with you and discussing your project, whether you feel more like a scientist or more like an artist – or both!

Need to boost your scientific communication and content?
Need visual identity and website to strenghten your visibility?
Want to exchange or collaborate on an artistic project?