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Scientific communication is at the heart of what I do. My primary area of expertise is content editing. You are the expert in your field and master of your research and product, I can help you improve the form and structure of your documents to convey your message in an impactful manner.

I also know for a fact how content review can be cumbersome and always left as the last item on the to-do-list. And how it can be frustrating to see your papers or reports piling up on your desk. But your are lucky – I love editing (for real!) and will be happy to provide you with constructive feedback.

May you need help for writing content or marketing documents? With a strong scientific background and analytical mindset, I may be able to contribute. Let’s discuss and decide together how best we can help you.

Check our fees and the type of content we work with below.

We work with the following types of documents

Scientific Documents

Do you have manuscripts or reports piling up on your desk? We know the feeling, we have been there! 

We are happy to help you with it. From first draft reviewing and editing, to final formatting to meet the journals guidelines, we got you covered!

  • Scientific manuscript: Peer-reviewed and non peer-reviewed
  • Responses to reviewers
  • Book chapter
  • Report reviewing
  • Editorial
  • Letter to editor

Conference Material

Building up your network and sharing your knowledge  via attending conferences take a lot of time and energy, sometimes at the expense of other tasks you are responsible for! We are happy to work with you and your PhD students, postdocs or staff to improve your conference material and to make your science shine!

  • Conference abstract
  • Oral presentation slides
  • Poster presentation

Support for presentation: Power Point, Canva
Services: content review and editing. If you want a  template for your presentation, visit our  Visual & Web Communication page.

Marketing and/or Non-scientific documents

You can use my services for marketing and/or non scientific documents, such as (list non exclusive):

  • Technical / Application note
  • Newsletter
  • Blog article
  • Webpage content

Support for presentation: Word, Power Point or Canva
Services: content review and editing. If you want to design a  template for your newsletter and blog , and integrate to your website, visit our Visual Communication page.

Do you have other type of content you’d like to improve?

Fees for content editing

I work either on a hourly rate basis, or for larger or recurring projects, fees are on an offer basis. My rate is EUR 90 / NZD 160 per hour (GST non applicable). As an estimate, editing and proofreading will require approximately 1 hour of work per 1500 words.

Time frame

Typical turnaround within 2-6 weeks

Fast track for urgent request available


I edit document in the following languages:




40% deposit upon booking

60% before the delivery of the final document

Services can be billed to grants or startup funds

Other services

Not only I can edit your content, but I can also design a template for your presentations, newsletters or blogs. I can also integrate them to your website. Find out more in the Website section.


My edited book

With contributions from leading experts, this book edited in 2021 remains a valuable guide to this matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry imaging – covering topics from fundamentals to spatial omics.

This book is aimed at postgraduate and professional researchers, in academia and in the industrial market where it has direct application to clinical research. It will be a supporting volume for those just entering the field as well as experienced practitioners.


The links below provide a few example of my published academic articles.